Peak Oil records is run by a number of
Brians and is based in Los Angeles.

They seek to release music of quality and
distinction across a variety of formats.
Strategy 'Pressure Wassure' LP

Portland’s Strategy’s impressive 15 year plus discography rests on his ability to reference disparate music forms whilst making them sound entirely and distinctly his own. Whether crystalline dub, cerebellum-tingling ambient, atavistic post-punk or two steps beyond, Strategy has remade these all in his inimitable image.

On “Pressure Wassure”, he not only plunders the fertile bounty of early 90s UK hardcore, he eviscerates it’s taut snares, bowel shaking bass and Dionnysian spirit, reimagining that eras ecstasy enlightened explorations for contemporary dancefloors, whilst sprinkling in neon p-funk flourishes, deft bassline deconstructions and the sheer murder of once familiar samples.

In the span of just four devastating tracks, Strategy offers up supple, devastating pressure.

• First return to Peak Oil after self titled debut that launched the label.
• Pressed in an edition of 300 copies.
• Hand assembled, label-bankrupting red flocked covers.
Naked Island - S/T LP

Naked Island is the striking debut collaboration from Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique) and Felicia Atkinson (Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier). Their respective unique visions fuse into one bold new deep space soundscape. Their S/T debut is two expansive tracks spread luxuriously across 35 minutes of mutant ambient techno.

In a delicate fugue of influence, amidst ethereal synth mastery, suggestive percussion and whispered vocals, a total collaborative experience is reached.

• Pressed in an edition of 300 copies
• Featues hand assembled lenticular artwork by artist Peter Burr & Laura Brothers.
• Previous Ensemble Economique releases have appeared on Not Not Fun and Dekorder while Felicia’s work has appeared on NNA Tapes and Shelter Press.
BLACK DEER - S/T LPsold out

Six engrossing tracks in which prolific wünder producer William Burnett fuses various “outsider” loner genres unto one definitive vision quest all his own, that of the Black Deer.

Available digitally through iTunes.

Slow Walkers is a project by Lawrence English and Liz Harris. This is their self-titled first release, born from a mutual fascination with horrific depictions of the human present and future. Pressed in 2 editions of 400 copies. Gold-foiled cover, gold black block printed labels.

Available digitally through iTunes
STRATEGY - S/T LPsold out

Feverish full length fusion of dub, post-punk, off disco pop of the like only conjurable by Strategy.
Available digitally through iTunes.

Debut LP from M. Geddes Gengras' modular techno project. Available digitally through iTunes.
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